Mimosa 500 ml

39.90 CHF

Vendu par Pozène


Our hand sanitizer not only kills most of the virus in your hands but as well leaves you with a delicate Mimosa smell and keeps you clean and refreshed on the go. The powerful antiseptic properties of bioethyl alcohol and glycerin kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria naturally.


A non-drying, alcohol-based formulation with purifying and hydrating properties, to cleanse hands effectively.

Easy to use

Apply gel evenly onto hands to instantly kill bacteria and contagions, allow to evaporate.

Recommended for repeated use.



Active ingredients: bioethyl alcohol 78.6%.


Inactive ingredients:  fragrance, water, natural glycerin


Plus d’information
Réf. FBH-poz8
Marque Pozène
Taille 500 ml
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