À propos de Downtown Uptown

DOWNTOWN UPTOWN Genève", combines high-end luxury consignment (authenticated “pre-loved” second-hand) & new socially responsible designer fashion, established in Geneva in January 2014.

The idea of "DOWNTOWN UPTOWN" is to offer a range of fashion that promotes better buying, social responsibility and protection of the environment. In addition, to give a second life to your clothes and to convey a message: To be more responsible and involved in our consumerism.

We are the exclusive provider of second-hand to GeneveAvenue, where you can shop a select range of over 2000 items online - new arrivals every day, with 24h delivery in Geneva.

You can also visit the boutique, in Paquis-Navigation, where we have over 4’000 items.

We also host & feature new designer ethical and sustainable fashion brands each 6 months in the boutique. See our latest (and previous brands) here: https://www.downtownuptowngeneve.com/ethical-fashion/

Our team at many years of experience in the luxury industry and personally authenticate all our items - and we choose only the best quality luxury brands (in excellent or mint condition), or unusual vintage items to offer to you. We also pay attention to all matters relating to minimising consumerism, in this regard, we strive to minimise our impact and to promote good practices (waste sorting, recycling, fair trade and non-exploitation (fair conditions in clothing & shoe manufacturing)). If you make a purchase, you will automatically be contributing to recycling or ethical consumerism … we do all the hard work in sourcing, verifying and authenticating – so that you can buy responsibly without effort.

Nouveautés de Downtown Uptown

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